solar companies in chennai
Solar Companies In Chennai: How To Choose The Best

Installing solar panels on your roof can seem like a tedious task and often cumbersome. This is not always true. By choosing the right solar company one can avoid all the hassle. This way they can and get the best solar pv installed at their rooftop. In this article, we will talk about the best

Zero export
Case Study: Zero Export Device Used For Residential Solar By OffCarbon

Mr. Satish from Chennai is solar energy enthusiast and he always wanted to power his house with solar panels when he constructed one for himself. When he finally started constructing his house, he started reaching out to solar installers in Chennai.

battery storage for solar
Do you need battery storage for solar?

Do you need battery storage for solar? A lot of misconceptions exist around the need for battery storage of solar energy which this article aims to address. While batteries can provide economic benefit for residential owners in specific situations, they are not yet feasible for everyone because of the price tag and possible regulatory standards.

net metering
Net Metering For Your Home And Its Benefits.

Net meter is simply a bi-directional meter that records how many units (Kwh) you consume from the grid and how many extra units (Kwh) your panel generates and sends back to the grid. This meter is supplied by the state electricity provider. We will replace your existing uni-directional meter with a bi-directional meter when we

1kw solar panel price in Chennai
1Kw Solar Panel Price In Chennai – 4 Points To Know Before You Invest In Solar

Solar Photovaltic (PV)based electricity generation is one of the ways that Sunlight can converted into electricity. There are other ways in which we can generate electricity from the sun and also for example use it to heat stuff. But for various reasons (like efficiency, technical progress and also feasbility to name a few) Solar PV

Best Solar Company In Chennai
Solar Panels For Home In Chennai – 4 Reasons To Switch To Solar For Your Home Energy Needs.

Chennai is geographically one of the best cities in the world for solar energy. Most houses in Chennai come under the bungalow/individual house category and have high electricity consumption. Yet, they don't install solar panels on their roofs. This article is about why you should have solar panels for your home in Chennai.

Energy Storage: The Centre Piece Of The Puzzle.

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Electric Vehicles – 3 Problems To Look Out For Before You Buy One.

The year is 2052 and as you drudge yourself out of bed, make yourself that coffee which you know will never taste as good as the one made by that cute barista down the road, get yourself out and into your car, press the ignition button you realize that last night when you stumbled home

The Perils Of Plastic.

1907 was a year of great significance. Or to put it more appropriately, will be known as year of great significance due to the invention of the humble Plastic. 200 years down the line, when the great war comes, our progeny will mark 1907 to be the year everything changed. We, our generation of brilliant

Too Much Of Renewable Energy Is Bad Too.

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