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Purchase Your System

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What is Purchase Your System?

When and if you feel that the solar panels are assets you need to own yourself, you can purchase the system by paying the total system cost upfront. 


You can either do it right at the start, which means you will not need to pay a monthly cost to us for the electricity generated by the panels and instead avail the electricity for the length of 25 years (lifetime of panels are approximately 25 years) for free of cost!


The pros of owning a Solar panel for you home in Chennai are that you are the master of what you wish to do with the panels and when you want to sell them (if you do).


Cons are that you will have to bear the maintenance costs of the panels (which are minimal) . But of course, you can also set up an AMC with us in which case you will only pay us an annual service cost for the panels.


Sit back, relax and let the sun (and us) do the work for you!

How it works!

Solar Panel For Home Chennai
Sign Up

You sign up for free on our website and get a dedicated expert advisor who will be with you at every step of the way. We will take your basic electricity details like your consumption numbers and your current electricity bill values.

Solar Panel For Home Chennai
Preliminary Design

Based on your roof size, location, consumption and billing patterns, our design team presents you with a well detailed and accurate design on how your solar panels are going to look on your roof for free.

Solar Panel For Home Chennai
Cost & Savings Analysis

Not only do we give you a free quote of how much your entire solar system will cost but we also provide you with an extensive savings analysis of how much money your system is going to save you over the course of 25 years (This is because typical solar panels last for 25-30 years). We will also give you a detailed report of your Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and your payback period.

1kw solar panel price in Chennai

Finally, our experienced team install an extremely efficient system as per the design given to you at your roof.

Join the solar revolution and get your free quote today!
Join the solar revolution.

Join the solar revolution.

Get Solar Panel for your home in Chennai today!

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Want to know the cost of solar for you home?

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