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Solar Companies In Chennai: How To Choose The Best

Installing solar panels on your roof can seem like a tedious task and often cumbersome. This is not always true. By choosing the right solar company one can avoid all the hassle. This way they can and get the best solar pv installed at their rooftop. In this article, we will talk about the best solar companies in Chennai and the factors one has to consider when choosing from the best of them.

Solar energy has come a long way and India is no stranger to this development. While there are many companies offering solar panel installation in Chennai, there are a couple of factors one needs to consider before they choose their installer. Solar panel installations are complex. There are a lot of other things that happen in the backend which a good solar company takes care of.

There are a lot of other things that happen in the backend which a good solar company takes care of

1. Educating The Client

There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around solar panel systems. Due to these misconceptions, a lot of customers prefer to stay away from Solar Energy Technology. Chennai hosts hundreds of solar energy companies. However, only a handful of them educate their customers thoroughly.

The best solar companies in Chennai ensure that the customer is completely educated about how their solar panel system is going to operate, perform and benefit them over the course of 25 years (Solar panels last for a minimum of 25 years). At OffCarbon our aim is to educate every body – even potential customers – about the benefits of Solar Energy and its positive impacts on the Environment. To this extent, we believe that the decision to install a Solar PV system is as important as understanding the technology and its benefits. And we are doing exactly that, one project at a time!

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

2. Accurate Designs

Making accurate designs and analysis are often neglected by solar companies in Chennai. Solar panel systems are heavily reliant on their designs. One of the main reasons behind this is that If a system sizing is inaccurate, the entire investment of a customer can fail.

To calculate accurate designs, solar companies in Chennai require certain details from their clients. Some of the most important details are electricity consumption numbers, images off the roof and satellite location of the roof.

At OffCarbon, we use an advanced algorithm that lets us accurately size your solar energy system.

3. Quality Of Components Used

Solar panel systems include a lot more than just solar panels. It is extremely important for each and every component to be of the highest quality. This is the only way your system will perform well for 25 years.

Ideally the main components are,

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Solar Inverter
  3. Balance of Systems

For more detailed information, please read our blog. The blog also sheds light on the cost of the entire solar power system. The best solar companies in Chennai always use Tier 1 components that are built to last more than two decades. There is a however a trade off between cost and quality. As a customer centric company, we suggest you to choose quality over cost. This is because installing solar panels is a long term commitment and the last thing you want is to have breakdowns and issues along the way.

4. Technical Expertise Of The Installer

While there are some solar companies in Chennai who install systems on rooftops unprofessionally, the best installers are technically sound. Installations done with technical precision perform always better.

Often energy companies try their hand in solar after operating in similar industries. Such installers do not have the technical expertise to execute a project in the best way possible.

At OffCarbon, our team includes Renewable Energy engineers who know what they’re doing at all stages of an installation. By monitoring an installation at every stage by technical experts, we can ensure solar panel systems perform at their optimum level.

Solar Companies In Chennai – Conclusion

To conclude, we can safely say that choosing the right installer is the key to a good solar panel system. This is where we at OffCarbon offer the best service to our customers. Additionally, at OffCarbon, quality and precision is our mission. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it. We are considered as one of the best residential solar companies in Chennai. Our customers love working with us because we produce high quality services with an exceptionally fast turnaround. 

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Aaqib Quraishi

CEO | OffCarbon

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