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Solar Panels For Home In Chennai – 4 Reasons To Switch To Solar For Your Home Energy Needs.

Chennai is geographically one of the best cities in the world for solar energy. Most houses in Chennai come under the bungalow/individual house category and have high electricity consumption. Yet, they don’t install solar panels on their roofs. This article is about why you should have solar panels for your home in Chennai.

When we look out of the window every morning, the first thing we see is the light of the sun. Each one of us witness the emerging ball of power, packed with Energy and Light to heat our lives everyday. Well, can we say the Sun knows its Duty! With all its humbleness, it rises, pushes us forward and disappears into darkness to bring us to light again. But, think again are we really on the right side of the ‘Light’! Well, I guess its the answer we are yet to find out! 

Having talked about the artistry of the Sun and with the urge to find the Right side of Light, it’s a bitter truth we all fail to acknowledge how well this beauty can be put to optimum benefit.

Yes, you guessed it right. We are here to reveal to you why you should have solar panels in Chennai and switch to Solar power for your home energy needs. Be it home or office, putting solar panels on your roofs is the simple asset we fail to invest in. Despite its innumerable healthy advantages, we’ve let myths blindfold us. They also keep us away from opting this simple change into our everyday life. 

Despite its innumerable healthy advantages, we’ve let myths blindfold us. They also keep us away from opting this simple change into our everyday life. 

Here are the top 4 advantages of switching to solar for your home energy needs.

1. You Can Earn Money

Yes, you read it right. You can now earn money by installing solar panels on your roof. Ideally, solar panels are installed to take care of your home energy needs. However, in the event that your panels generate excess energy (which they will), you can send that excess energy generated back to your utility company. 

Now you’d think wait how does that happen? and it’s a valid question. Your solar system consists of a very important component called the solar inverter. Think of this inverter as the brain of the system. 

Ideally, a solar inverter is supposed to send the DC power generated by the panels to your household appliances. However, sometimes there are also situations where the panels produce more electricity than your appliances require. Of course, you would think, what’s going to happen to the excess electricity produced. Is it going to get wasted? or is going to be stored in a battery?. 

What if we told you there’s a third option. What if we told you that you can send the excess electricity produced back to the grid (TANGEDCO) at a cost. In simple terms it means, for every extra unit you send back to the grid, the TANGEDCO will pay you a fixed amount. 

The Example

For example, let’s consider a family that consumes an average of 10 units every day. The solar panels also generate an average of 10 units every day. However, let’s say that on one particular day, the family consumes only 8 units and the panels still generate 10 units as mentioned above. 

​Clearly, there is an excess of 2 units in this scenario (10 – 8 = 2). If there was a battery, then the solar inverter being the brain of the system will automatically send the excess electricity to the battery. However, when it is a pure On-Grid system (We will explain the difference between On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid systems in another article), the solar inverter will now send the excess electricity to the grid. For these 2 units that you sent back to the grid, you will be paid a certain amount/unit (This rate is decided by your local utility company). It’s also satisfying to know that all this happens seamlessly without manual intervention. 

As you can see in the above example, each time your panels generate more than you require, you will earn money!

2. Get An ROI Of 17-20% By Installing Solar Panels For Your Home In Chennai

Solar panels are widely considered as one of the very few assets that appreciate as their life progresses. Naturally, as a homeowner, one of the biggest factors that help you in making your capital intensive decisions is the Return On Investment (ROI). While we don’t do the same when we purchase a vehicle or other assets, we certainly tend to do so when we switch to solar panels. 

Although most solar enthusiasts argue that calculating ROI should not be the mindset when purchasing solar panels, we realise that everyone can’t do so. One of the biggest advantages of installing solar panels on your roof is that apart from appreciating as an asset they also give you an excellent ROI. 

As Indians, most of us believe in other methods of investment like Mutual Funds, FDs and Shares. While these investment methods have been around for a long time and give favourable returns, we want to show you that there is a much more beneficial and safer investment method available. Yes, we’re talking about Solar Panels for your house. 

Investing in Solar panels can give you a whopping ROI of about 17-20%. This is much higher than the other forms of investments we mentioned above. Also, it is much safer as the Sun is always going to shine bright forever. Moreover, investing in Solar Panels is completely risk-free. 

Once you’ve recovered your investment in 4-5 years, all the savings you make for the remaining 20 years (Solar Panels last for 25 years) is your tax free profits. And as tariffs keep escalating over the course of 25 years, you will be enjoying the monetary benefits by locking in your price as you’ve been smarter and installed solar panels for your home. 

3. Save A Minimum Of 35% On Your Electricity Bills Instantly

The intrinsic need to improve our lifestyle has directly resulted in an increase in our expenditures. Given the number of gadgets and electronics we now use on a daily basis, it is no hidden fact that our electricity bills are off the charts. 

Bills such as utilities and rents are by far the biggest fixed expenditures we make on a regular basis. Although, you don’t have much control over your rent, you certainly have on your electricity bills. 

The answer is very simple. Switch to solar panels for your home energy needs. We all know that solar panels generate free electricity from the sun and power our houses. However, the extent to which we can save is completely in our hands. We will explain to you how you can save a minimum of 35% on your electricity bills instantly through an example. (For this example, we will consider a family in Tamil Nadu). We specify Tamil Nadu as the tariffs differ from state to state).

The Example

Let us consider a family that spends Rs. 5000/- every month for their electricity bill. Based on our technical calculations, we can safely say that the family will require a 2.19KW solar panel system. 

Let’s break it up a bit for your understanding. 

As per Tamil Nadu’s tariffs, if a family pays a bill of Rs. 5000/Month, then their electricity consumption is 995 Units/Month.

As per our suggestion, a 2.19KW solar panel system will generate 9 Units in a day. Let’s multiple that by 30 days. 

(9 Units X 30 Days=270 Units). 

This means that the solar panels will generate 270 Units in a month. 

Now, let us consider the 270 Units a month as a saving as this is the amount of units you will offset by installing solar panels on your roof. 

Old Consumption = 995 Units

New Consumption = (995 – 270 = 725 Units)

We will only be billed for the 725 Units from the utility company from now on. And as per the Tamil Nadu tariffs, if a family consumes 725 Units a month, then their bill will be Rs. 3232/-

Now in monetary terms, we can clearly see the following,

Old Bill = Rs. 5000/Month

New Bill = Rs. 3232/Month

Saving = Rs. 1768/Month

Saving % = 35.36%

Thus, we can see that by installing a 2.19KW system you can save up to 35.36% on your electricity bills instantly. 

Also, the more you size system, the more you save! However, we at OffCarbon suggest you to call us to know what system sizing you require for your specific consumption patterns. 

We will give you a detailed cost and savings analysis report for free!

4. It’s Good For The Planet

If we Keep Sci-Fi movies like “Interstellar”, out of the picture, we can easily say that Earth is the only planet we have to live and survive. 

Living in Mars is still a distant dream and while we are trying to colonise mars, it’s extremely important to take care of the planet we currently live in. 

Humans, being the greediest species on the planet started with Whale Hunting for oil and when there were hardly any whales left, they switched to burning fossil fuels. All these activities have led to a catastrophic impact on our planet. 

We don’t wish to take you back to high school with this blog but, it is no secret that one of the main contributors towards global warming is the burning of fossils such as coal. And coal is primarily burnt to provide electricity to our houses and institutions. 

As years go by, our energy demands have only increased. However, the availability of these non-renewable resources has decreased drastically. Experts suggest that we may finish the reserves of our fossil fuels before end of this century. 

The only possible solution to these problems is switching to alternate sources of energy such as Solar, Wind, Nuclear etc. As solar is by far the most advanced and cheapest of them all, it is only sensible to switch to solar for your energy needs. We also gave you the monetary benefits above. 

Whether we as humans like it or not, the future of energy production and distribution is with renewable sources of energy. 

So make the right choice now and reap the unlimited benefits of Solar Energy as you aren’t going to go to Mars anytime soon and neither are you going to find a wormhole near Saturn that takes you to another galaxy (Interstellar)


We want to conclude by telling you that whether we like it or not, solar energy is the future. Although there are many more reasons to install solar panels for you home in Chennai or any other tropical city for that matter, we will keep it for another blogpost.

Also, think about your future generations i.e. make the wise choice and set up solar panels for your home in Chennai today with OffCarbon.

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Aaqib Quraishi,

CEO | OffCarbon

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